How Your Business Should be Using Facebook Live

You should be using Facebook Live for your business! If you want to reach new customers/clients, then what are you waiting for? According to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), videos (live and otherwise) are viewed more than four billion times per day. 

So, what ways can YOU make use of Facebook Live to engage in new potential customers? Here are a few ideas:

Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Small Business

Showcase New Product

Do you have a new product coming out or new piece of equipment you want to showcase? This is a great opportunity to allow your fans a sneak peak at what to expect. This is also a great way to get pre-orders by providing a link to your viewers.


Holiday Gift Ideas

What better way to sale your products than offering them to potential customers as "Gift Ideas"! This is perfect around the Holidays (Valentine's Day is coming up soon!). You can offer a special offer to those who watch the video and come in with a special "key word". 


Weekly Show

We produce a weekly Live Video for a small local business Flashback Gear and occasionally we will have guest speakers on to help promote their business. Cross promoting is a great way to show your support for other local businesses and allows them to increase their brand. This works great for those who are not in the same space, but have the same demo of clients. 


Why hiring a third party company to produce your videos is a great idea!

You can go live for free by simply using your existing cell phone...easy enough right? Take your production value to the next level and utilize local businesses who specialize in Live Video Production. Here's what to expect when hiring SK Signs & Designs  to run your Live Video:

  1. Experience: We currently host Live Videos for City Council Meetings for City of Beaufort as well as well as  TCL (Technical College of the Lowcountry) , Flashback Gear with the newly added client Beaufort International Film Festival. 
  2. Quality: Professional Equipment to capture crystal clear audio & Stable Videos (Shot in 4K resolution)
  3. Extras: Up to 9 Camera Angles with the ability to include video intro/outro and overlays for text on the video (Branded with your logo)

Whether you're going live for the first time or a seasoned vet, we'd love to hear your experience below! Also, don't forget to check out our line of Services!

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