April 24, 2015


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Search Engine Optimization

SK Signs & Designs will develop a full spectrum SEO campaign to best suit your company’s needs. We will drive up your search rankings by implementing various strategies based around that strategy. Our plan for on-site SEO is executed based on a 35-point checklist developed in-house wherein our SEO experts will comb through every detail of your site in order to optimize and maximize your organic search visibility. This strategy runs in conjunction with our off-site SEO plan for creating 100% original content revolving around your business, then sharing said content with other websites relevant to your specific products and services.

Though there are no magic wands, or special code to put your website at the top of the Search Query, we do have some tricks up our sleeves to help get you on your way.


Think of it this way, no one wants a house in the middle of nowhere. In the world of the internet, SEO is the tour guide for your website to the most exciting destinations: Targeted traffic. Why does this matter you ask?


1: Traffic:

Ever wonder why some websites get 10,000 visitors a day and you’re only getting around a 1,000 a month? The answer is pretty simple, it’s well-executed SEO. The difference between being ranked in the first page of Google compared to being ranked on the second is a whooping 57%, that means your traffic drops by 57% every moment you’re not on the first page of Google. Imagine how many potential customers you’re missing out!

If traffic means a lot to your website, then you’d better get serious about implementing SEO on your website.


2: Would you rather be a nuisance, or a solution?

Ever experienced a cold call or those horrid pop-up ads that interrupt you every time you’re trying to do something? We know, we’ve been through our fair share of it. It’s horrible ain’t it? Exactly the problem that good SEO can solve for your website. You see, when someone Googles, Yahoos or Bings something, they have a problem and they’re looking for a solution. 93% of the time, that solution is found on the first page of Google, if it’s not, it’s probably another keyword.

So, ask yourself, how far are you willing to go to brand yourself as the solution to problems, rather than push your product as a nuisance?


3: More bang for your buck!

Which would you go for, a  Honda or a Ferrari? That’s not a fair question, isn’t it? The reason 98% of people go for the Ferrari even though it’s more expensive is because there’s a higher value attached to it. SEO is like that, in many regards. Sure, you can pay less for social media ads and get results like “likes”, “retweets” and “pins”, but how many of those actually convert into paying customers? Well-done SEO allows your website to target people who are all ready interested, and there’s a significant difference. People are 89% more likely to visit your website if it appears in the first page of Google and 14.6% more likely to convert into a paying customer, compared to 1.7% for ads!

So again, why go for a  Honda when the Ferrari looks that much more enticing?


4: It’s measurable, calculable and controllable.

Imagine this, you just spent $1,000 on Facebook ads, and all of a sudden, you’re getting an incredible amount of likes. Your Facebook page kicks off and soon gains tons of popularity with “Likes” going past 5,000. Yet, how many of those people actually visit your site or convert into your customers? SEO on the other hand, is incredibly easy to track. With help from Google Analytics, you have in your hands, a full database of not just how many customers are hitting your site, but also from what keywords and how they interact with your site.

What’s incredible is how the importance of SEO keeps flying under the radar, despite the benefits it consistently provides.


5: If you don’t do it, you can bet your competitors are already doing it.

Yuppppp, you can stop looking at me all skeptical now. Just because you haven’t believed in the power of SEO, doesn’t mean your competitor doesn’t. The best part is that a headstart in SEO is not something easily recoverable, meaning if you have the jump on your competitor, you’re already in the driver’s seat. So what do you think?

We’ve outlined for you the Top 5 reasons we feel that SEO matters to you, especially as the internet continues to get more and more sophisticated.


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