The Best Backlinks for Realtors

We all know how tough the Real Estate business is, and attracting visitors to your website is no different. How many times have you searched for real estate in your area, only to find all your competitors on the first page or two of Google? Have you asked yourself how do they get there? Backlinks (Links that direct people to your website) are still a high priority when Google decides who gets ranked higher on searches. Having your business listed on a Business Listing will help tremendously, but if you don’t, then you can take these steps to get you in the right direction.


Backlinks For Realtors:

(Potentially high value ones in bold)

YouTube – No Follow

Pinterest – No Follow *Note this is a top backlink for multiple real estate websites. Even though most people say it has no ‘link juice’. When almost every real estate website in the #1 spot we checked has this at the top of their list, it has to mean something.

Internal Linking – (Linking from the other pages on your site to your main page). This is huge, if you don’t have a huge amount of competition we found a lot of websites ranking #1 in Google without any other backlinks other than the ones they were giving themselves.

RESAAS – Real estate social network. Link from profile page – Real Estate Listing Site

Forbes – The most expensive home… If you want a similar article with such a high value link, we suggest finding something highly unique in your market and searching through the Forbes writers for one that does real estate coverage. Contact them with something that would interest them and pitch them on it. Bonus points if you build a relationship first. – Paid

Trulia Blog – Not only a great way to increase your real estate SEO rankings but, it’s also a good way to connect with potential prospects.

Trulia Voices – – Example

Redfin Forums – From the profile page. Looks like you might have to be working with them to get this benefit. – Looks to be populated from your Trulia profile page. – Find some celebrity real estate news and if you submit it first you get a backlink. It’s relevant to real estate so it’s pretty high quality as well. – Real estate directory. Google doesn’t necessarily like directories so be careful… The directories we are listing are used among many real estate websites and look safe. This could change instantly.

Active Rain – This is a great strategy. The key here is starting a blog with great content. The problem is, that they’ll only allow your blog to be indexed by Google if you pay their high monthly pricing. Is it worth it? If you’re going to be blogging consistently on it, yes. If not you’re going to be paying over $40/mo for a single backlink that might not even get indexed.

PRWeb – No Follow – Again, no follow which is supposed to have no ‘link juice’ but, we found a lot of websites ranking in the #1 spot with PR Webs no follow attribute. This seems to suggest that it is actually passing something through that Google likes. There is a chance that the real estate industry doesn’t have the same rules as everyone else.

*Another thing we noticed is that some Realtors are getting articles on all the top news sites (yahoo, aol, forbes, bloomberg, etc). If you can obtain these types of links it almost guarantees you a top spot in Google. When everyone is competing for lower quality links, these can be considered the holy grail. Other real estate agents are doing it so you can do it too. Build a relationship first and then figure out what they need as a journalist and work with them to get that completed.



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