Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Social Media Marketing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some awesome Real Estate Agents lately, and wanted to share some information regarding Real Estate Social Media Marketing.

Social Media is no longer reserved for Cat Images, or what you had for lunch…It’s now where customers go to search for products and content, follow and engage with their favorite brands, crowdsource opinions to get recommendations and referrals, and share content with their networks. Social media allows us to see in real time our effect on our clients and prospects, where a ‘like’ or ‘follow’ can give us clues that a user enjoys our content — something we couldn’t necessarily track with a physical mailer.

Successful businesses know how to tap into online conversations and experiences that connect with the thousands of social media users online who prefer to get close to brands before they make any purchasing decision. This is super important for a great real estate social media strategy because you have the potential to generate quality local leads by sharing great content and garner new customers by engaging with past and current customers.

So how can you create a successful social media strategy for real estate?


Use this infographic to create great optimized real estate bios and beautiful profile banners, develop a plan for engaging with influencers and fans, and learn what types of content actually work to get users’ attention.


Good Luck!




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