Instagram Hashtags 101

Instagram is the fastest growing major social network, so if  you're not on it... then what are you waiting for? 

Taking advantage of the use of #Hashtags can increase visibility to your page, and depending on  your goal, ultimately increase your revenue. But, the question lies... what hashtags do you use, and are they really working?


Why Hashtags matter on Instagram

The stats for Instagram are staggering! With over 390 Million users, and an average of 81 million photos posted a day, and about roughly 3.5 billion likes given a day, it's undoubtedly an important platform to have in your Social plan!

Still... how do YOU get some of those likes? Use hashtags

By utilizing specific hashtags, you can not only reach a broader audience, you will increase your followers, and connect with future customers.


Below are a small list of hashtags we recommend.

#1:  Use Established Tags


Popular (also known as trending) hashtags area  sure fire way to get in the mix and help build your brands awareness. There are a few hashtags you can use:

  • #photooftheday: You can do a few things with this tag... show a behind the scenes shot, or that one photo you captured that you want the world to see.



  • #selfie: This one's self explanatory. Take a selfie while at work, to help promote your brand. Even better if you have one of your products on in the photo!
  • #instalike:  This is a great b2b tool. Swapping likes for likes!

#2: Tap Into the InstaCulture

  • #TBT or #throwbackthursday: Throwback Thursday is a great way to post some old photos of possibly your grand opening, or a milestone in your business. Don't be afraid to make it personal by posting something that you're proud of.
  • #waybackwednesday: This also fits with the throwback theme.
  • #flashbackfriday: Same concept
  • #motivationalmonday:  Keeping things positive is a way to also generate some fans. Share your favorite quote or life lesson.

#3 Tell People What You're Doing Now

Letting people know what you're doing is a fantastic way to make your account current and inspiring to others. Make sure to keep a great mix of business and fun, as the conversation shouldn't be a one way ordeal. 

  • #amreading: Are you reading something interesting about your field? How about the latest novel from your favorite writer? Let your audience know, this may spark a conversation and lead to new contacts!
  • #amwriting:  If you're doing a blog post, or writing your next book.. use this hashtag to help generate some buzz!



  • #WIDN (What I'm Doing Now): Letting your fans see the real you, adds some realism to your brand. Using this hashtag when you're stocking inventory, drinking your favorite beverage...

#4: Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Use these hashtags to promote a new blog post or show your fans what you're working on:

  • #blogging: Action shots are great, so when you're writing, take a photo of your keyboard / screen and ad some cool filter & share with your fans. 


  • #newblogpost: Once your new post is ready, share it! Direct people to your link from your bio to make sure they go to the right place.
  • #instablogger: Use this tag as well. Don't be afraid to overpower your posts with hashtags. 


Now it's up to you!

Explore other hashtags on your feed, and feel free to use the one(s) you like, and that fit your brand. We recommend using up to 30 hashtags a post.  We know, that's a lot of tags, and you're asking yourself "Do I have to type those out every time?!" The answer is no, make sure to check out our other blog post on some Instagram Tips & Tricks.


What's your experience of Hashtags?




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