Instagram Tips & Tricks 2015

Who can keep up with all the new updates to every Social Media app? We try to keep you on top of your game, so we put together a small list, of what we feel are the coolest tips / tricks to Instagram (as of today). We use these on a daily basis, and wanted to share:


Tip 1: Hashtag Frenzy: We all know that #Hashtags are popular and help your posts get more likes / hearts, but are you tired of typing in the same set of #Hashtags for every post? Why not create a “note” on your phone, of all the hashtags you use and then just COPY & PASTE? For our Sonic Drive-In accounts, we have them broken down by “Food”, “Drinks”, “Desserts”, etc. This way, we can utilize different hashtags for different posts.





Tip 2: Quick Reply (W/out typing the username): Do you ever find yourself feeling lazy and not wanting to type the username when you reply? Well… you’re in luck, there’s a simple way to avoid that. All you have to do is reply as normal, swipe “left” on the username you wish to reply to hit the “arrow” and voila!



How to easily reply to someone

Stop being lazy and type the name!


Tip 3: Edit Post: Are you too quick with the fingers sometimes and misspell 1/2 of your post? Yeah…us either. But, if you ever do make a mistake, there’s an easy fix. Simply click on the three dots on the right side of your screen. Click on the Edit button, and there you go.. you can now fix any mishaps before everyone see’s your mess up (if you’re lucky).



Edit that post!

Spellcheck is king!


Tip 4: Re-direct someone to a Clickable Link:  We see this mistake a lot, and want to share with you a way to make you look as tech savy as the rest of us. We all know that Instagram posts do not create a hyperlink in the body of a post, but your profile has a clickable link! All you do is change your “website” link in your profile to the link you want them to click and say “Link in Bio” in your post!


Tip #6: How to remove yourself from a tagged photo:

No matter the reason, sometimes your Instagram is tagged in a photo you’d rather it not be. Here’s how to remove it from your profile, or you can also keep the tag and just simply remove it from showing on your profile.

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile.
Step 2: Hit the tagged folder (furthest right option just below your profile description).
Step 3: Select a photo you’d like to be removed from.
Step 4: Tap the button on the bottom right with the three dots.
Step 5: Select ‘Photo Options.’
Step 6: To just hide from your profile. Select ‘Hide from My Profile.’
Optional – Step 7: To completely remove yourself from being tagged, hit ‘More Options.’
Optional – Step 8: Select ‘Remove Me from Photo.’



We hope you learned at least one Instagram trick from us, and feel free to share your tips / trick for others!


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