Facebook Events and why they matter…


Facebook Events

We found ourselves with some free time this past weekend, and wanted to go out and have some fun. We jumped on the web and did a search “Nightlife in Beaufort” and found a local website that does a great job of updating local happenings. As trustworthy as this contact is, there’s always a chance of them being wrong. We called a local place to see if they had a DJ (Nothing updated on their FB page, but the ‘reputable website’ we searched did say they had music), the gentleman who answered the phone said “NO, Sorry”. We searched a few more local Facebook pages to find outdated pages, or pages with content, but no ‘events’ listed.

We manage several local places in town and always create events for their respective pages. We don’t worry too much about the “going” or “interested” as we are in how many views the event gets. Not everyone is likely to respond to the event, especially for a local restaurant or bar. Another great way to determine the ROI on the event is the increase in the crowd or attendees of the event.

Regardless of your town or community, it’s a great way to help your fans and possible new fans to attend your upcoming parties / events. Facebook now allows you to schedule your events the same way you’d schedule your posts. This gives you the freedom to create your events ahead of time and then have them go live at a specific time. 


Always check your Insights of your work to make changes if necessary:


Here you can check on your Reach, Views, Engagement and Demographics:


In closing, take the time to schedule your events, consistency is key and stay focused! Your handwork and time will pay off in the end!


Thanks, and please leave your comments below on your experiences with Facebook Events.


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