video packages


Build a custom package by adding/subtracting any items below to the Suggested Options

  • $100/hr – Coverage Hours
  • $100/min – Minutes of Wedding Film
  • $600 – Additional Cinematographer (4 hours min)
  • $150 – 1 minute Teaser Film (Delivery 3 weeks after wedding)
  • $150 – Raw Footage delivered on USB drive
  • $300 – Drone Coverage (1 hour)
  • $400 – Rehearsal Dinner Coverage (2 hours min. coverage)


Frequently asked

When is the deposit due?

50% Deposit due 2 weeks prior to wedding. Remaing balance due day after wedding.

When should we expect the Teaser Film?

Teaser Film delivered within 3 weeks.

Do you setup distracting lighting?

No, we use the natural lighting from the venue. 

Will you get in the way alot?

No way! We do our best to blend in on your wedding day. We don’t setup tripods in the middle of the isle or leave piles of gear all over the place. We’re super organized and basically ninjas. Our hope is that you would notice us about as much as you would notice your photographer.

Do we get to meet you before the wedding?

We love to meet before the wedding! If you live pretty close to where we’re located we’d love to grab coffee and say hi! Otherwise we’d love to setup a video chat before hand to go over details and say hello.

Do you get along with the photographer?

We get along with EVERYONE. We’re pretty dang likeable people. But, yes, photographers tend to love us. We’re super respectful of photographers, great communicaters, incredbile high fivers, and our moms tell us we have really great smiles.


Do you put a lav mic on both the goom and the bride?

No, we’ve found it works much better to put a Lav mic on only the groom. This Lav mic is able to pick up the audio from both the bride and groom during the ceremony at a clear crisp quality. We also throw a lav mic on the officiant as a backup.


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