Praise Assembly in Port Royal, reached out to us to help freshen up their old, outdated sign panels on their backlit signs. Right away we knew we had to bring them into the 21st Century!

The first step is to always take photos and measurements to ensure we can scale the artwork and not have any issues!

Once we got what we needed, we headed back to the shop and got to work! Tony sat down at the computer and created a few mockups. They wanted to go with a darker background, so Black was a great choice!

We got to work printing! We printed 4 black panels and did a reverse cut letter so we could remove the letters and the white acrylic would be seen. We then laminated the media with a matte laminate to help prevent fading, and give it a clean modern look.

Installation was simple, we removed the edge cap, pulled out the old sign panels, and slid in the new ones!.


Thanks to Praise Assembly for their continued support!