In November 2019 I was asked to design a logo for a fictional town’s high school reunion for the film Stars Fell on Alabama. The movie was being filmed in my town, Beaufort SC and I was the Unit Stills Photographer for the film.

The story takes place in Willow Valley Alabama and the main character heads back home for his high school reunion. When I first sat down to lay this out, I had a vision (I usually can see the final product in my head prior), but I always try to do two options for my clients. The first layout was a standard horizontal logo that would fit perfectly across the chest of a T-Shirt

The Eagle was the focal point, and new that wasn’t going to change. I used a strong font for clarity and to make a statement. My second design was a more circular layout with some typical ‘school elements’. This time I included the state and spoke with the writer on where he felt Willow Valley would be in the state. This design would also work great as the school’s logo for placement on the score board in the film.

One of the most rewarding logos I’ve created by far. Showing up to set on the first day of the second film (Stars fell again) and seeing the writer wearing his shirt…felt great!